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Express Entry Canada- Key Features

Rely on LCC Immigration  

Canada has extensively changed its economic immigration programs, ever since January 2015. As a result, more prospective immigrants, who are skilled, are able to gain entry into Canada. Skilled foreign workers are able to migrate to Canada, gaining access through the Express Entry – Canada immigration program. If you are looking to migrate to Canada in the prospects of getting a job or residence, then you need to apply under the Express Entry System so that you get processed within six months or less. For applying and proceeding with this process, you can rely on us at LCC Immigration.

The Express Entry path covers some of the important economic immigration programs of Canada. These include the Federal Skilled Trades Program, Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, etc.  LCC Immigration to help you migrate as a skilled worker or trader to Canada under any of these immigration programs. We will help provide you with a pathway so that you are able to connect with various potential job opportunities, anywhere in Canada, before or after your arrival.

Following are 2 Key Steps to this Procedure 

  •         1st Step:

If you are interested in migrating to Canada for better residential and job opportunities, then the first thing you need to do is to create an online Express Entry Profile. In this, you need to tell various personal, professional details about yourself. This involves details about your work experience, language abilities, skills, education among others which will be collected and filled by our  Consultant.

Based on the fact that you perform satisfactorily in a language test of English or French, your education will be assessed according to Canadian standards. If you are observed to be meeting the criteria or any of the immigration programs pertaining to Express Entry, you will then be put in a group of pre-screened candidates. If you don’t have any Canadian job offers, our consultant will register you in the Govt. of Canada’s Job Bank which will help match you with jobs in Canada.

  •         2nd Step:

Based on the score you are given by the comprehensive ranking system while in the Express Entry pool, you will be invited to apply for the permanent residence as an immigrant. Our Consultant will submit an e-application for your residence. This invitation will be conditional and will depend on the fact that if you have been nominated by a province, rank among the top in the entry pool or have a valid Canadian job offer.

After this, the branches for Citizenship and Immigration in Canada will process the application within the next six months or less. If you do not receive an invitation from the Express Entry pool even after 12 months, you can always resubmit your profile and re-enter the pool.

Following the above-mentioned critical steps, you can be sure that our  consultant will be able to help you migrate and find a job in Canada.