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Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OINP)

Provincial Nominee Program, (PNP) falls among the two basic modes of Canadian immigration and comprises economic and employment needs exclusive to each province of Canada. With a more than 13.5 million population, Ontario is the most multicultural province of Canada. It is where 40% of the immigrants each year choose to settle.

The Ontario Immigration nominee program is a program through which Ontario selects individuals and families for permanent residency. This selection is based on the labor market and the economic development priorities of the area.

There are two steps under the provincial program through which immigrants to Canada can acquire permanent resident status. The applicant receives a PNP nomination first, which is used to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry.

What Is Canada Express Entry

The Canada Express Entry is a system designed to cater to Canada’s demand for skilled workers and professionals. The growing economy and the abundant natural resources demand professionals who can handle the growth and leverage the resources.

To ensure an efficient and faster passage to such individuals, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada- IRCC created an online system which is called Express Entry.

The provincial nominee program in Ontario offers an opportunity to live and work permanently in the province to the below individuals:

  • International Students offered jobs
  • Master’s Degree graduates
  • PhD graduates
  • English-speaking skilled workers
  • French-speaking skilled workers
  • Foreign Workers with Job Offer

Your uniqe path to Canada is based on a variety of immigration categories that we can help you through. Schedule a consultation if you wish to apply for Ontario provincial nominee program.