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Replace or renew a permanent resident PR card

We all are living in a world that is globalizing extensively every second. In order to make a living and make the best out of life, permanent residents of Canada have to travel frequently. The permanent residency requires a PR holder to reside in Canada for 730 days in person out of the total duration of five years.  In case a person fails to fulfill the residency obligations, it can lead him to lose his status as a permanent resident of Canada. In such cases, the permanent resident of Canada might need to apply for a PR card renewal.

Cases of renewals can be a very complex process altogether and need an extensive amount of paperwork to be submitted. LCC Immigration is a prudent choice for clients for PR card renewal. We ensure to counsel the clients in order to make the process as comprehensive as it can get. We also advise clients about ways to schedule and structure their occupancies in a way by which they can maintain the status of their permanent residency.

What is a PR Card Renewal and under what cases can one apply for the same?

As explained above, in order to maintain the status of permanent residency in Canada, PR holders should meet all the obligations of residency. You will need to begin the process of renewal of your PR card in case it is about to expire any time soon.

Who is eligible for a Permanent Resident Card for Canada?

Immigrants who are eligible to hold a status of permanent residency in Canada should meet certain criteria that are mentioned as follows:

  •         The applicant must mandatorily be a permanent resident of Canada.
  •         The physical presence of the applicant in Canada is mandatory.
  •         The applicant should not have been subjected to an effective removal order.
  •         The applicant must not be a citizen of Canada or be a registered Indian under the India Act.
  •         The applicant must not have been found guilty of misusing his/her Permanent Resident Card.

What is the procedure for applying for a PR card renewal?

As an applicant, you will need to file the form IMM 5444 for PR card renewal. In conjugation with submitting the form, you will also need to furnish a bunch of documents needed to replace PR cards that have expired. The PR cards or immigration documents that have been lost, stolen, or expired can be replaced by the Government of Canada. The applicant for a PR card renewal will need to complete the necessary process of application and thereafter pay the processing fee. You will not need to touch base with IRCC (previously recognized as CIC) in a case where the PR Card has expired or is due for expiry.

What are the documents required for a PR Card renewal?

You will be required to submit the following documents in case of a PR card renewal:

1)         Your expired PR Card. In case the expiry is still due, you can keep the PR Card with you and hand it over to the IRCC officer at the local IRCC office in exchange for the new card that you will be receiving.

2)        The copies of valid passport or travel documents that you held at the time of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada will be required to submit. You will be required to pay special attention to the clarity of the copies of these documents otherwise your application for renewal might get rejected.

3)        Photos as per the photo specifications specified on the immigration website hosted by the government of Canada.

4)        Financial documents

5)         Records of education and employment.

6)        Rental agreements.

7)         Memberships of Clubs (if any).

8)        Other documents as deemed necessary or mentioned in the document checklist for the PR card renewal process.