Study Visa to Canada

Experience The Diverse Canadian Culture

We help fulfill the dreams of all applicants who wish to be accepted into one of the Canadian colleges or universities and receive a study permit. There are numerous good colleges and universities that offer high-quality education and are willing to accept both national and international students.

You can enjoy the rewarding experience of studying in Canada with LCC immigration, your study visa consultant.

The Eligibility Criteria For Canada Student Visa and Study Permit

To be a student in one of Canada’s institutions, you must have the following:

  • The Canadian university or college you are planning to study in mst be a Designated learning institution with a valid DLI number
  • You must prove that you intend to leave Canada within the authorized period of stay
  • Your current financial status to prove whether you will be able to cover tuition fees, other expenses and return to your home country
  • Medical examination (optional)

LCC immigration, your Canada student visa consultant, assists you in obtaining a study visa, apply for a work permit while studying, and help you walk through the smooth transition to permanent residence! We open doors to academic growth for you!